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The HIVE motion capture technology is positioned to be marketed to companies who wish to produce products to target specific motion capture market segments.  These products and their licenses can be broadly divided into three categories:

  • Class AFully customized hardware and software targeting a specific niche market
  • Class BStandardized OEM hardware integrated into a branded solution
  • Class CGeneric hardware that may or may not be bundled with an application


    Class A products are customized and enhanced derivatives of the HIVE reference design. Market examples for Class A product are: the sports performance field, the console gaming marketplace, the veterinary market and the medical diagnostic fields.  Each of these niche markets require specialized hardware.  In some cases they may want implementations that use very high frequency wavelengths for ultra-precise measurement, others require a very low frequency that enhances wave propagation through water.  Some medical applications may want extremely high motion resolution of a millisecond or less, while the gaming market wants to emphasis a low-cost solution which is tolerant of lower polling and accuracy resolution. This class of product uses custom applications targeting the products specific capabilities.

    Class A products are usually developed and manufactured for a specific licensee.  HIVE supplies the necessary technology and expertise, but development cost is the responsibility of the licensee.


    Class B products use a HIVE-standard hardware solution integrated into a customized branded product. Market examples for Class B products are sportswear, exercise and workout suits, and motion capture gloves that incorporate HIVE motion capture technology. Other examples are sports-specific branding that use standard hardware, but augment it with other technologies such as a GPS to capture position, inertial sensors to capture rotation and optical to capture location within a set or studio.  This class of products may present an open applications interface that can be used by third-party applications or may be configured to only interface with the licensees branded applications.


    Class C products are HIVE-standard hardware not integrated into custom solutions, but are designed to be used in support of third-party software products.  This is analogous to the standard peripheral market such as keyboards and mice.


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