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     Human Instrumentation for Virtual Environments (HIVE€¯) was founded by Dennis Krueger  in 2008 to support and license products based on his groundbreaking new approach to motion capture technology. Both domestic and international patents have been applied for.  HIVE markets and licenses this proprietary technology to companies which wish to develop hardware products to target specific motion capture and tracking vertical markets.

     HIVE offers free licenses to the technology for researchers, hobbyists, artists and other nonprofit activities

     HIVE will develop and market OEM motion capture hardware in support of its licensees.  HIVE is also developing generic motion capture hardware and software support (Development Kits) for applications developers, experimenters and researchers.  In many ways, the HIVE technology allows motion capture to become  much like a new class of computer peripheral such as the mouse or graphics tablet.


Motion capture is the process of recording movement and translating that movement into digital data for later user by graphic and analytical software.

Motion capture has traditionally been a studio and laboratory based technology with studio installations costing $50,000 or more, with the very least expensive single unit starting at $3,000. Due to this high cost the marketplace of motion capture has traditionally been limited to universities, motion picture and animation studios, hospitals, professional sports, and the military.  With this limited marketplace there are relatively few, dozens not hundreds, of companies producing motion capture hardware.  There are also a very limited range of expensive specialized applications. Using HIVE technology, the cost of motion capture hardware can reasonably be driven down to the $100 or $200 range, not only creating entirely new mass markets for applications in countless fields, but also opening up the entertainment and gaming marketplaces to true 3D mocap.


The company was founded in 2008 by Dennis Krueger.  Dennis is been in the high tech field for over 30 years and has been the principal software architect and lead for numerous high tech start ups.  Most recently he was the software architect and lead for Microsoft's Xbox manufacturing test and quality group and, just prior to leaving Microsoft to found HIVE, the software architect and lead for Zune manufacturing test.

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